General Policy


All prices are subject to change without notice. Quotations, based on plans and specifications, are our interpretation of the requirements and include ONLY the material described and listed on the quotation. Quotations must be in writing and terminate 30 days alter the issue date unless otherwise stated.

Orders delayed or put on hold by the customer will not be protected against price increases past the effective date of the quotation.


Continental Pole & Lighting reserves the right to add any applicable sales tax, duty or fee which may be imposed on its product to the sales price of that product.


The written consent of Continental Pole & Lighting is required prior to cancellation of any order.

Cancellation charge based upon work already started or based on any commitments given by Continental Pole & Lighting will be charged to the customer.


All returned material is subject to inspection by Continental Pole & Lighting and returned material must be new, unused, and in original packaging.

Permissions for return ofgoods must first be secured from Continental Pole & Lighting in writing. A Rearm Material Authorization (RMA) form must be completed and signed by Continental Pole & Lighting.

A copy must accompany the material being returned. (Material returned without our Return Material Authorization form will not be accepted). All freight charges for returning material will be the responsibility of the customer.


Continental Pole & Lighting is not liable for delays in shipment or delivery of its products when caused by or arising from the breakdown ofequipment, fires, material shortage or any other cause beyond its reasonable control Actual back•charges will be accepted only in cases when the charges have been authorized with reception of the order.


All Shipments are FOB Portland, Oregon, “Prepaid and charge” or “prepaid” options are also available but must be requested during the quotation process. All claims for shortages must be made in writing within 15 days of receipt of shipment. All products are shipped with a protective covering and once received by the customer the protective covering must be removed immediately. Any exposure to moisture during storage may cause the protective covering to stain the poles.


The allowable effective projected areas listed for each product are intended to be for luminaries. For other type of applications (cameras, banner arms, wiring, signs or any other type of product)please contact your representative for assistance in selecting the correct product.