Decorative Poles

With over 30 years of foundry experience developing and manufacturing decorative castings to meet the architectural requirements of the lighting industry, CPL brings the classic look of contemporary times to modern day restoration projects, shopping malls, and city streets. Whether the need is to match existing, design “first articles” or develop a “theme” to an area streetscape, our expertise and production capabilities guarantee superb cralimanship.

CPL employs the latest modem foundry practices to achieve the highest quality sand cast finishes to our products. Master pattern makers are used to create all of our production tooling. Metallurgical testing to insure compliance with specifications and grade requirements is constantly enforced.

With years of experience in the decorative lighting and foundry industries, we can easily adapt to unique project designs where the need to match existing or re-create styles from a by-gone-era becomes necessary.

Standard Material Grades:

  • Cast Iron – ASTM A45-83, Class 30 Grey Iron
  • Cast Ductile Iron – ASTM A395 Grade 60
  • Cast Aluminum – ASTM A356