Smart City Pole System

As part of its innovative culture, CPL has Smart City Poles. These multi-functional sleek structures that aesthetically beautify city streets can be customized as per client’s and local government authorities’ requirements.

CPL’s team of experts have packaged the multi-functional structures with a variety of features. But what makes our poles different is, its versatility and look.

Some highlights of the Smart City Poles:


  • Flexible LED Light arms
  • Provision to fit Wi-Fi antennae, environmental sensors and emergency announcement systems
  • Provision for Surveillance Cameras
  • Provision for Electrical Vehicle Charging
  • Water resistant 19” cabinet rack to support battery bank, power bank, BTS (Base Transceiver Station), etc.
  • Flexibility to host multiple cellular operators and many more
  • Technology proven camouflaging material is used, antennae are camouflaged with RF transparent material which is UV resistant and durable.
  • Digital banners for messaging and advertising.

Ease of installation and maintenance.

  • These Smart City Poles are UV Resistant and are available in various colours and designs to match the requirements of the surroundings.
  • Provision for billboards and hoardings.
  • These Smart City poles can be customized as per the client’s needs to provide a more multi-functional structure. To learn more about CPL Smart Poles follow this link. ( we have the link go to the brochure or maybe more info from Sansi private labeled for CPL.