Round Tapered Aluminum Poles
Davit Arms

All CPL poles are manufactured from new aluminum 6061 or 6063 T6 alloy, heat treated after fabrication with seamless welding. Optional base covers are available along with multiple luminaries mountings. The removable wire way pole cover is secured with stainless steel bolts.

All poles are engineered and EPA compliant with current AASHTO specifications and wind load conditions. Special pole sizes can be developed to meet project requirements.

Round Tapered Single Davit Arm
Round Tapered Double Davit Arms
Round Tapered Double Davit Arms, Direct Burial
Round Tapered Single Davit Arm, Direct Burial

Effective Projected Area (EPA) is calculated using the wind velocity (mph) shown in addition to a 30% gust factor. The range of EPAs are calculated assuming a minimum of 25 lbs. to a maximum of 100 lbs. per square foot. Maximum EPA is based on the luminaire weight given.

Note that increasing the luminaire weight will decrease the maximum EPA.